Welcome to Davidson Measurement

Davison Measurement Pty Ltd is a company specializing in the production of various position and flow meters in Australia. It is a famous Australia ray instrument company. The company's online moisture meter, online ash meter, microwave solid flowmeter and other products have enjoyed a great reputation in the world. The Davidson measurement technology company has made the world's remarkable achievements in the field of low frequency microwave. The first brand of contactless online microwave moisture meter is from DVS company. At the same time, the low frequency technology of microwave solid flowmeter is also the exclusive technology of the world, and only DVS company has this technology, which can pierce the application of larger diameter and higher density.

Davison Measurement established in 2008 and we have accumulated rich experience in many fields. Also, we have achieved good performance at home and abroad. It is a leading global manufacturer of level and flow measurement instruments. It has over 1,000 application performances involving oil, metallurgy, chemical industry, power, marine and mining, construction, food processing and plastics production, etc. Davidson's offices, service outlets and research institutions are throughout Australia and the United States.

Davidson Measurement is committed to the design, production and application of distance measurement, advocating technological innovation. Davison Measurement has always attached importance to technology research and development. Davidson’s R&D investment is more than any other company in the world in terms of distance and flow measurement.

Davidson Measurement also attaches importance to product quality and customer service, which is reflected in the effort to make every customer satisfied in the process of solving the problem. In some very harsh conditions, with its excellent product design and manufacturing capabilities, Davidson is in the lead with other manufacturers. The company consolidates its global technology leading position through a professional laser and magnetoelectric measurement product.